Life is an endless Developmental process. We all have unique Abilities and Disabilities. The Day we choose Awareness instead of ignorance, is the DAY we start to see everyone as equal. Gary Spears, DSP

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Various phone pictures

Last weekend Colin wanted to paint a rock, horribly bad. I remembered that we had finger paint from long ago, so I got it out, put an apron on him, and let him go to town. He was nervous to actually touch the paint with his fingers, so they both ended up using a brush alot of the time, but it was fun anyway. They both ended up painting rocks with the colors and afterwards, I showed them how to play and mix the colors with their fingers on the plates. Lots of good sensory activities. 

 There's a pretty good story behind the next two pictures. we were running late one morning and I asked the boys to PLEASE get dressed on their own. Colin, loves to be independent so he was fine getting himself dressed. After I picked them up from summer camp, we got home and Col kept yelling, MOM, you really should have put a belt on me this morning, my shorts fell off all day long! I looked at him  oddly, he's a very well built child and has NEVER needed a belt ever. I don't even have to pull the elastic on the inside to make them tighter on him. So for him to tell me this, It was odd. 

About an hour later, he went to the bathroom, laughing his butt off. He said Mom, shaking his head, THAT'S the reason why my pants are falling down, and lifted up his shirt. LOL I was cracking up. The poor kid had his shorts on backwards ALL DAY LONG. all through camp etc. I said didn't you go potty at camp and notice they were backwards? He said No. The poor kid has so much anxiety, he holds his potty ALL darn day, instead of saying I have to go.  :-(
So needless to say, he cracks me up. And yes, he only has one sock on as well. If it gets wet or falls off, he doesn't need to remove both, he just takes off one and stays like that for the remainder of the day. :-) Such a silly one that Colin is. 

This is an old picture from when Colin was in the hospital in March doing his sleep study follow up from his seizure. He is just so darn handsome. He's going to break some serious hearts as he gets older. 

These aren't the greatest pictures ever, but they are the cub scouts gutter regatta from May. They let Colin race as well, even though he wont' be a scout until September when he's in First grade. We have the best pack ever. 

And here's Caden racing his boat. The object is to not touch your boat or the gutter, you have to only blow your boat down the water. who ever gets to the end first, wins. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

First to Last

From September 2012
Entering Kindergarten & 2nd Grade

To June 2013
Moving up to 1st & 3rd Grades.
Time sure flies by.

This was the best I could find for Courtney. This is her first day of Sophomore Year of High School. Sept 2012
To June, Moving up to her Junior Year! June 2013

What a difference 9 months can make. 

Color me RAD!!!

 We've been waiting for any type of color run to come to Buffalo for ever now! We were thrilled when we found out that Color Me Rad was coming to Darien Lake! What better place??!! We ran the camp grounds, which was really fun, having everyone out cheering us out and seeing all the people in their tents and campers etc. I should mention too, it was longer then a 5K, we were tracking it and it was more like 3.4 miles, which isn't much more, but it was NOT 3.1 by any means. We timed ourselves too, since it's not a timed race, and we did it in about 44 mins. Not horrible, since Michele is not much of a runner (but she kicked ass!!) My foot was killing me (I broke the top of it months ago, then it healed broken, oops) and Beth hasn't ran in a while either. We had to stop twice for bathroom breaks. it was 85 and WAY humid out. Oh, and who knew about all those darn hills??? not me that's for sure! We still rocked it and had a blast out there doing it. 

So here we are before the run. Beth, Michele & I. 
I have to explain how I know these girls. It's interesting how small the world is. Michele and I went to High school together, she was a year behind me, then we got re-connected through facebook of course. THEN Beth.... ended up being my doctor a couple times (well my RN) when my reg doc was out. Well, it turns out Michele and Beth are sister in laws, they are married to brothers. Then, Beth and I became friends when she left the practice, and we're running buddies now. So... small world huh?? 

Courtney and Angela, pre race

With our package, we all got RAD tattoo's, cool sunglasses and tshirts. (that run WAY too small) So here's my RAD, on the back of my calf.

Courtney and I pre-race. 

At the starting line, ready to go!

10 minutes later... I got color bombed in the face with PINK! I ate it I swear. I couldn't even see, it was plastered to my glasses. LOL Thank god for those! 

Here's proof I turned another color other then Pink.. I got some green. The green and yellow were colored water, which was really refreshing! 

Here's the after effects...


Beth and Michele looked awesome. How I missed turning all the colors I dont' know. I guess it's just how it lands on you. I love that blue though! 

My hair got some purple... oh, and I see green on my shirt back there! 

Courtney and Angela were a MESS!!! 

Here's our group of five. We look awesome!
It's still all over my face headed home. It was caked on dry like that!Color plus sweat, cakes it on you like mudd. LOL My lips were so dry from it too!

Here's my sock line! My legs were orange.... Did I even run through orange?? I don't know! 

Yes, I know this may be too much info.. but I have to remember all the memories. This was my chest from the pink! Everything washed out pretty easily, expect the places were you sweat the most... so I was pink for a couple of days after many washing's.

We used the air compressor to spray the color from our sneakers. and everything except my bra came pretty much clean. My bra, is white, but the rim of it stayed pink... kind of neat looking now! 

Another color run is coming, but it's the same day as my 1/2 marathon, which is a bummer... I would love to do another one! Oh well. We have Dirty Girl coming in September, which will be really fun. Zombie run is coming too, I am sitting that one out, I'd be scared out of my mind. Beth and Michele both know someone in Florida and North Carolina that have a Neon Run! they run at night, and get glow gel thrown at them, THAT would be tons of fun to do! 

Drive In!

We went to the drive this past Saturday night to see Monster's University & Iron Man 3. Unfortunately, we were all exhausted, and a big storm was rolling in, so we didn't stay for Iron Man, which Mike and I really wanted to see. But we did get to see Monsters University. It was really adorable and the boys stayed awake for the whole thing! It was 11:30 by the time it ended , so it was after midnight when we got home. Colin said the next day, that he doesn't want to go to the drive in ever again, because he doesn't like getting home so late. LOL too cute. 
We brought Mya with us. Even had her bed, yet, where does she choose to sleep? On the rocks.  I am guessing they must have been nice and cool for her. It was over 80 and way humid. We got bit up like crazy. 


Colin, Mike and Caden hanging out. Colin is sitting in front of my dad's car. Him, Cheryl and bart came with us, But they stayed in the car. 

there's Grandpa, yawning...

Coiln being his silly self

The  pretty sky. 

You can't tell in this picture, but it was lightening the entire first movie. then the winds picked up and we were out of there! 

Remember our new pond? Well, Mike's been messing with it for WEEKS, trying to get the waterfall just how he wants it. FINALLY, (thank GOD!) he has it how he wants it. I am forever Thankful. It really did take weeks. Hours and Hours every single night of being outside playing only with the darn pond rocks. Whew, Maybe now we can get to some other home projects that have been lacking!?! 

Family Picture

The Beyer Family 
June 2013

I am almost 100% sure this is the only *decent* family picture, we have ever taken, without one of the boys being an infant :-) it's a keeper.

Mike - 38
Kym - 36
Courtney 16
Caden 7 (2 months from 8)
Colin 5 (one month from 6)

Monday, June 17, 2013

When we went camping last weekend, we found a ton of polywogs and brought some home to put in our pond. A couple of them even had tiny little legs already. Well yesterday morning, Mike was outside checking on the fish, and he noticed this TINY little frog. Really, it's smaller then even a Penny! Maybe dime size. We are positive it must be one of the polywogs! How cool is that! He was swimming all over the place. I've never seen one so tiny before. 

This is Caden holding him! Colin wanted too, but Caden put him back in the pond too soon, and then he swam away. Hopefully we'll see him out swimming around one day soon. 

LOVE when I can get all 3 kids to take a picture together. It doesn't happen too often, so I really have to take full advantage of it when it does! 

Colin can be SO very silly. Here he is acting like a bird. Ha, Ha, Ha. that's our Colin. 

Father's Day 2013

Since we were having so much fun making clocks for the end of the year gifts, and Mike was loving them so much, I thought, let's make one for daddy!! I found some great elements when I was out looking for paper one evening, and could't be happier with how cute it turned out! Especially the lawn cutting part. It fits our family perfectly! It's now hanging in the garage! 

(If you click on the picture, you can actually read the words)

And, instead of just buying a card for him that we would toss out eventually, we went with the way to his heart... FOOD! Do we know daddy or what? how cute is this Fathers Day candy card? LOVE how it turned out and the kids had a BLAST seeing it be put together. The best part was how much everyone loved the box of Mike & Dad's. (Instead of Mike & Ikes) Everyone, even mike got a kick out of it. 

Later in the afternoon, once it stopped pouring out, We invited our neighbor Corey & his daughter to go to Darien Lake with us. So off we headed and the weather couldn't have been better. the sun came out and it was nice and warm and not crowded since most people probably decided to stay home ! All the big rides were walk right on, NO wait! And Colin even rode the viper and LOVED IT!! How exciting is that?! So happy that Colin is so thrilled to do anything and willing to try it. Caden, not so much.

Then, on the way home, Green Acres was giving away free Medium cones to dads for fathers day, so we got our nightly ice cream fix, before heading home for bath and bedtime. I hope Daddy had a great day! 

End of the year teacher gifts

This is our last year with the boys amazing teachers. I am SO sad, but so Thankful that we've had the past 2 years with them, and that We've been lucky enough to have both boys with them. So I wanted to go all out for gifts this year. So, First I ordered them each 31 personalized lunch bags, and matching nail fiiles :) Then, I  made them these awesome clocks! 

This is Mrs Reiner's. Her favorite color is brown, so I made it that color scheme as much as I possibly could.
This is Mrs Anna's Bag & Clock. We went with the fun tie dyed look for her :) 

Mrs Reiner's Clock with her bag

And Mrs Strebel's clock and her bag. 

These teachers have truly been amazing to us, and Can't imagine not having them for the past few years. Having both boys, and together as well, has been such a blessing to us. I almost feel like we are losing a part of our family, or moving away with both boys leaving them next year.  I can't begin to put words to how awesome they've been to us. They will always have a special place in my heart. 


Mike's childhood Friend Mark (who now lives in Colorado) was in Olean for a couple days with his wife Kelle and their new baby Avery, so we took a drive and got to hang out with them for a couple of hours. Baby Avery is just turning 3 months old on the 20th, she is so beautiful! She looks just like her momma Kelle, but is nice and long like Mark. It was awesome to be able to spend a couple of hours with them. It's a bummer they life across the country from us! I was super excited though that I got to hold little Avery for a bit. She is just adorable. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Random ness that I want to remember

Caden at Tball - I can't find the picture I took of Colin?! 

Colin playing around in the Puddle we get out front when the sprinklers are on. lol He had a ton of fun. 

Courtney took this awesome picture of herself. Love it. 

Paulas Donuts..... YUM! My favorite, Peanut Cream... I can almost taste it now.....

The boys being goofy in the car on the way home from Kristins last month.

Mike and I, last month.

Ah.. the rain barrel. I took this hanging out of our bedroom window. We've had some pretty crazy rain storms lately. Like major. This was one a few weeks ago, it was raining so hard, the rain barrel was POURING out everywhere. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the ground on the bottom next to it, had a good 4-5 inches of water. We had to take the plant out of the top to keep it from flooding off of it. crazy! 

"When a loved one becomes a memory ~ That memory becomes a treasure"