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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Pinewood Derby Car

Caden's first year in Cub Scouts. I had a ton of fun with this project. Must be because of my arts background? I don't know, but I enjoy the design element. Well.. Caden wanted his car to be a dog bone. Unfortunately  because of where the axles lay, that dog bone, turned out looking pretty funny. The more I looked at it (this was before the hole on the end) the more it looked like a wrench to me. So we went with that design and I think it turned out amazing! 
Caden with the unfinished car

Our Wrench

Helping daddy sand the rough edges

The car

Here's Caden winning his Judges award for the best design and the car that stood out to them the most! :) How awesome! 

His Certificate

So, in the end, although we didn't win any races, it was a fun family project. Mike and I worked well with it together and everyone worked hard on the car. Colin was most upset that he didn't have a car to make and race. Next year will be lots of fun having both boys racing!! 

We also learned lessons from our first derby. We for sure need more weight. We added to this, but not nearly enough. We need something flat to put on the top or bottom for next year. Colin next years wants to make a watermelon car. LOL Not sure what Caden's plans are :) 

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